Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WIP Wednesday

It's Wednesday and that means WIP Wednesday with Lee over at Freshly Pieced

It has been awhile since I have linked up, and thought in the spirit of the New Year and self improvement, resolutions, and all that good stuff..... and because I have a ridiculously long list of things that I have in different stages of completion... er... some closer to beginning  vs completion that I would link up   The WIP master list can be rather intimidating. I am sure I am the only one with this issue..... ;)  

Regardless, let's jump right in as 2013 is off to an awesome start!

Here is my current - must complete- project for the week. (and actually this was on my WIP list previously) It is a commissioned baby quilt (my first commission :0 ) and it is for a beautiful little girl who is only a few days old--so sweet!
Cutting-- fabric is Animal Parade by Ana Davis

More fabric selections and blocks
The fabric and pattern was picked out by my client.
 Mom's request was for something with browns and greens, some pink, but not all pink!This fabric is beautiful, it has a wonderfully soft hand. It also has such fun, modern colors and prints!

The pattern is called Dancing Patchwork and can be found on Etsy here.
I am not affiliated with the maker but this was the pattern the client liked and I think it is very cute - especially for a baby quilt! It calls for a layer cake but I just cut from yardage and it works well. Easy to piece with fun results!

So  the goal is to finish it up this weekend and off to it's new owner!

Ok here is THE LIST for January:
1. Finish Baby quilt--it is going together fast and sooo cute!
2. Do. Good.Stitches Nurture Circle January Block-due end of Jan
3. Con't work on Modern Medallion- Handstitched Class
4. Modern Stash Bee Blocks for January (2)- due 2/15
5.Sugar Block BOM with StitcheryDiceryDock for January- due end of Jan
6.Paper Piecing Stars BOM with Don't Call Me Betsy for January- due end of Jan
7. Binding on Batik Flowers quilt for A Lovely Year of Finishes- due end of Jan
8. The Triple Zip Along with Debbie over on Flickr- this is going to be so Fun-starts Jan 28!
9. Finish my House Block for the Sew South group quilt for the Ronald McDonald House in Charlotte NC-- such a fun and worthwhile project! It is going to be sew awesome!

Next: Solids bee block for Feb (Erin has already sent out the fabric-- she is so on it!)

Whew! My goal was to join more groups (accountability there) and learn new techniques -- looks like I have made it there!

Good thing I have a couple of days off coming up! It is bitter cold here and just the perfect weather for staying in and stitchin' up a storm!

Have a great week!



  1. Congrats on the special order ; ) it's a lovely pattern.

  2. The baby quilt is looking gorgeous! You have a lot on for January, but that is a great list to have.

  3. Congratulations on your first commission Ginny, it is turning out wonderfully.

    Looks like the end of January is going to be busy!

  4. So beautiful - pink and green look so pretty together.


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