Thursday, January 24, 2013

Text Me A Text FQ Swap


 Just a quick shout out for Plum Patchwork's Text Me A Text FQ Swap

Do you love text prints and would like a little variety? Well this is the place!  You can send in as many FQ's as you like and receive back the same amount but different fabrics.(May be some dup's depending on how many you send and what get's sent in the pool)

Probably the minimum to send given the US postage is 5 to make it worthwhile. 16 FQ's will fit into a US Flat Rate Envelope and you can use a legal size Flat Rate Envelope to fit a few more in for the same price! (New to me -just found that out!) International participants are welcome but ck the discussion re: postage -- Deadline to mail is 2/15/13.

So stop by on Flickr and get your Text on!  Just click here for the link! And spread the word! The more variety the better!  Have a great day!

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  1. Sent my package yesterday, can't wait to see what texty goodness I get back :)


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