Monday, January 14, 2013

Ribbon Stars

More 3x6 Bee Blocks off to their new homes today! Before the mailing deadline - always a good feeling! These are for Hive 2 - "Now Starring". Seems the beginning of the year is always super busy and I am glad to have these completed. I really enjoyed making them, they each have such a different personality-so fun picking the fabrics to go with everyone's request!
I used this tutorial from Lee at Freshly Pieced, which is great, and has lots of pics to help with the layout. These blocks finish at 12in.
For Andi who requested Orange, Grey and White with a touch of black

For Jodi who requested Aqua, Pink and Cherry Red on white

For Linda who requested the Green, Pink, and Purple the colors of a  Coleus plant
For Leonie who requested Purple, Orange, and Red on Grey 

For Tanyia who requested Orange, Yellow and Grey

For Dawn who requested Red, Black, White and Grey

I must say I really like them all but Dawn and Leonie's - the two on the grey backgrounds- just really popped! I really like them! Which is your favorite?
I hope these ladies enjoy their blocks and they fit with their planned quilts. Once I receive all my blocks I will be posting pics.

Back to the sewing machine! Happy Stitching!


  1. Good for you. I love that block. Made a couple last year ; )

  2. These are great blocks, Ginny! I do like the ones on the grey backgrounds, but they're all really pretty. Thanks for the link to the tute - I've marked it and put it on the list!

  3. They all look wonderful but Andi chose the colors I think look the best :)

  4. They are all lovely Ginny, but I have to agree with you the ones with the grey backgrounds are my favourites too!


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