Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Working away.....and a wonderful break

Hi, hope this finds you have a great week with some quilty time ;)

I have been recovering from that crappy summer cold I mentioned last week and am feeling much better with only a cough hanging on. I even missed a day of work.... my boss asked me if I had Swine flu as it has hit Indiana hard enough that it is on the 6 o'clock news-- no I said I haven't been handling any little piggies (the Indiana State Fair is in full swing right now and has many farm/agricultural exhibits given we are in the Midwest and they always show the piglets and cows :)

So, I did manage to get some sewing in as no one really wanted to come visit for fear of catching what I had, always makes you feel wanted, no?

I finished putting the sashing and borders on my Great Granny Along

I made some patchwork from the left overs for the back

Got the back pieced and now ready to sandwich and be quilted!

I am happy with the way this turned out, it is more traditional as this is a birthday gift for a dear neighbor that I have known most of my life. She is now in her 70's and has had to move to assisted living in the past year as her husband has passed and she was diagnosed last year with a brain tumor. She is a great grandmother and this line is called Summerhouse, which fits her lake cottage. I hope it will remind her of bright and sunny, summer days.

I also worked on my upcoming tutorial for Plum and June's blog hop next week. My day is Aug 23rd.
And while working on that tutorial I found I needed to shrink a drawing that I am using for a bit of handstitching....so off to the nearest library to use the copy machine. A library I had not visited before as there are 2 within approx 12 miles of home.... one north and one south. I went south this time.
What pleasant surprise!

A wonderful, sparkling, tinkling water fountain and garden! The library is a building from the early 1900's done in the Frank Lloyd Wright style. Beautiful.

The top of the fountain is two boys fighting over a duck and the duck is spouting the water
  The fountain is tall, 19 feet and was donated to the community in 1911. Just sitting in the shade and listening to the water was a wonderful, relaxing break in my day.

Original entrance, you can see Frank Lloyd Wright style clearly.

Close up, original windows and lamps.

Side of building, more gorgeous windows.....hmmm, inspiration for a quilt?

Have a great week! See you next week with my first tutorial!

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  1. Your Granny squares are gorgeous! I like the fabrics you've chosen the best of any I've seen ;*)

  2. The quilt looks lovely. I think the poppy fabric on the back should help brighten anyone's day. What a fabulous old building that library is. Lots of character, and - as you say - inspiration! I found you through the Plum & June Blog hop!

  3. That is the prettiest granny quilt I've seen! I love love love the backing! The piecing makes it so special and pretty. What a great gift that I'm sure will be treasured.

  4. So pretty! Great fabric choices and love the bright and cheery colors! It's so sweet of you to make her a quilt to remind her of home - I'm sure she'll cherish it.
    Looking forward to your blog hop! ;)

  5. I think your great granny is beautiful. We used to live in Oak Park, Illinois and there was a Frank Lloyd Wright house just down the street.

  6. Love your granny -- so cheerful. And such a beautiful library nearby too!

  7. I love your granny squares. We are getting ready to do a Quilt in a Box for a small group I am in and I'm thinking this might be my block. Oh my- your library is beautiful. It could be my architecture background but I think it is probably beautiful in most everyone's eyes.

  8. Your grannies are so lovely! Beautiful colors. I have soft spot for old library buildings. This one is gorgeous. I'm always so grateful when buildings like these aren't just torn down and replaced!!

  9. Love the granny quilt! We made one (rather more rushed) for our Iron Man quilt challenge at the Fat Quarterly Retreat in London. Yours looks very colourful and happy!

    Have you read "Loving Frank" by Nancy Horan? It is about Frank Lloyd Wright but from his mistress Mamah's point of view. It was quite an interesting read!

  10. Hope you are feeling better. LOVE your granny quilt. It is just wonderful.

  11. Wow, hat center block is stunning...close up, pease!

  12. Oh, how I love grannies! Thanks for linking up!


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