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Lets Get Acquainted Blog Hop!

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by my blog! Today is my day on the

Plum and June

organized by Beth over at Plum and June. She has done a wonderful job of bringing bloggers of all skill levels and interests together for a hop. Usually there are two featured blog each on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Check it out here and visit some or all of the great blogs! This week be sure and stop by these wonderful blogs and be sure to leave some comment love, after all isn't that like the best thing ever!

Aug 21
        Marta from From Marta with Love
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Aug 23
       May from Confessions of a Fabraholic

A little about me, I am a single lady, living with my dog Tucker.  I live in northern Indiana on a lake where I grew up on the weekends. I was lucky enough to keep it in the family when my parents passed on. I have 2 great sons in their 20's, and one wonderful 3 yr old grandson.  I work full time as an RN and commute about 45 min each way on a daily basis. I started sewing as a kid in Home Ec and learned how to embroidery from my grandmother.I was always into crafting and trying to figure out how things were made.  After high school I did cross stitch most of the time and then ventured into quilting back in 1993.  I made my first quilt after a supervisor at work helped me and showed me how to cut and piece. It actually involved a cross stitched alphabet in snow ball blocks surrounded by scrappy 9 patch. I am thinking this would be a great linky party!! First quilts - what do you think?
I also did alot of smaller things like baby quilts and table runners. Recently I have gotten back into quilting in my spare time and started blogging to meet others, especially during the long winters.

A couple of tips:

Favorite Quilting Tool: my Clover mini iron, sooo helpful for those quarter inch seams in tight spots! It also will decrease the amount of stretch you get if you tend to iron vs. press!

Favorite Blogging Tip: Be real. Be nice. I love to see everyones work and that includes the process not just the finish! But I also like to be real, not every day is a sugar coated love fest, everyone has those days when things just are going your way**   But most of all don't compare yourself to everyone else! Do what you love and break out of your safe box now and then.
Oh and photo editing--still learning but makes such a difference!
Here are some of my projects from this year:

Retro Flowers

Great Granny

Central Park Jelly Roll

Hot Pads from Scraps
Magical Mystery Tour
 and my most recent: A Very Merry Christmas Pillow featuring handstitching.

As promised I have a tutorial for this pillow! Unfortunately I had a computer crash this weekend** (one of those days I mentioned above where things don't go as planned) when my email got hacked! So I am still recovering and editing pics. I hope to have that completed and the tutorial up tonight or tomorrow at the latest. Just another reminder to always use virus/spyware software frequently and backup your work :)  I hope you will stop back for the tutorial! It is picture heavy and probably another good reason for a seperate post!

So very glad to meet all of you! I learn so much from reading everyone's blogs and experiences!

Wishing you a lovely, quilty kind of day!!


  1. That pillow is too cute - will be back for the tute!

  2. Nice to meet you! Can't wait to see the tutorial. Your quilts look great, love the retro flowers.

  3. Nite to meet you! your projects are great. Will be back for the tutorial.

  4. What a cute pillow! I love it! Will check again for the tutorial. :)

  5. Nice to meet you Ginny. I grew up in Indiana too but northwestern. Kentland to be exact. Live in Colorado now. I really like your granny squares quilt. The fabrics are great. Good luck with the computer fix. I'll check back.

  6. Oh you have some beautiful projects! Loving your Retro flowers!

    Sorry to hear about the email hacking - how incredibly frustrating! Hope you get it all sorted!

  7. Lovely to meet you, Ginny! I'm looking forward to the tutorial, you have some awesome projects displayed! I was stopping by through the blog hop :)

  8. Hi Ginny - I enjoyed reading your post, learning more about you, and seeing all your wonderful quilts! I look forward to your tutorial - that pillow is adorable.

  9. I love your Great Granny quilt! And the pillow is completely adorable--I'll be sure to check back for the tutorial!

  10. Your great granny quilt looks fabulous! I am off to a Stitchery class tomorrow so your tutorial couldn't have been better timed, will definitely be checking back for it before I go :)

  11. Hi again Ginny (my fellow Hoosier!) Nice to learn more about you and I adore your pillow! Glad you were able to get the tutorial posted and didn't lose everything.
    Thanks again!

  12. Lovely to meet you! You've got some beautiful projects there, the hot pads look so cute :)

  13. Ginny, it's wonderful to learn more about you! I love your projects -- especially your gorgeous retro flowers quilt -- and I adore that Christmas pillow. Too cute!

  14. Hi, great to meet you on the blog hop, though I've been following your blog for a bit now :) I love the white background that you often use for your quilts, it makes the colours sing! I see that you've got your tutorial up now and I'm keen to take a look so that's what I'm doing next :)

  15. Catching up with the blog hop... how cool that you live at the lake house you grew up with. Going now to check out your tutorial... cute project - love the use of hand stitching!


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