Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Different Kind of Progress.... Balance

Happy Wednesday all!  Somewhere I have picked up a summer head cold and my ears are plugged and my lips are chapped from breathing through my mouth! Ugh! Thank goodness for cold remedy's that have day and night dosages--I did sleep throught the night last night (and part of the evening too!)  The wedding I went to this weekend was soo nice! Simple, small, and intimate, (second marriage for both after losing a spouse) and the corn hole tournament was fun, lots of teams and a good pot luck!

I am home today not because of my cold-- but because I took a vacation day because I have 40 teenagers from youth group coming tonight for some fun and watersports, tubing, skiing, and pizza.  Thank goodness for good friends that pitch in and help with this once a summer activity before school starts again! Lots of fun and laughter, many times it is the first time they have been given the opportunity to have fun on the water. Here is a pic of a beautiful sunset on the lake last night.

It has been a quiet week for actual sewing. I did sit down and list all of my current WIP's and all the projects that are waiting in the closet to be! As you know I recently went through a reorganization of my fabric closet, you can read about it here and here.  I was surprised how many there were, I am  shocked embarassed to say the count is up to 26!! I can't believe I am even telling you that! But I have to come clean, these are projects that I have the majority of fabric for and pattern picked out. Projects that I really want to make and have recipients in mind for!  So now that I have a "road map" I feel like I can move forward and actually make these vs. letting them sit (out of sight out of mind??) in the closet.  Structure in my case is a good thing ;)

This doesn't mean I won't be joining a QAL/SAL here and there, especially with fall and winter coming which will provide much more sewing time, and I would miss meeting everyone and the commraderie of making projects with others.... it's just that  I now know my limits as to what I can accomplish in X amount of time better and can be a bit more realistic about what I can finish. Those unfinished projects make me feel like a loser-- I don't like them! And I don't like letting my competitive nature take over and do more and end up disappointed when I don't get it finished on you ever have these feelings/thoughts?

So I guess what I am talking about is Balance... some days it is hard to find! LOL! But as long as I get back up and try again I think it is ok :)

I am still looking for a book case and shelving to add to my sewing room organization! A trip to IKEA is coming soon (the nearest is approx 1 1/2 hrs away), and hopefully will remedy this issue as CraigsList and garage sales have not turned up much.

I also have been working on my tutorial for my day on Plum and Junes "Lets Get Acquainted Blog Hop" which is Aug 23rd.  Here is a sneak peek at the fabric that I am auditioning for the project! Just love those Christmas colors!

So that pretty much wraps up my week....sorry to say no great projects to post but progress in a different way!

I hope your are having a great week sewing and otherwise.... now off to find that box of tissues, sniffle, sniffle :)


  1. Unless you are on a self-imposed must finish by date for your UFO's, I wouldn't let them get you down!

  2. great post, Ginny. I usually do two projects at a time and only take on new ones after completing any of those two that I was working on. I do have an on-the-go project tho and I work on it anywhere but home!
    There are alot of fun qal/sal out there, and as much as I would like to join most of them, I'd usually check the schedules and see whether they're workable/doable for me - these too I don't join more than two!
    Kudos to those who are able to come up with lots of beautiful projects in a short period of time, I'd like to do that someday....but for now I'm happy with my progress thus far...
    Hope you'll feel better soon, take care..


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