Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Stash vs. DeStash Follow up

Good Morning or afternoon depending where in the world you are! :)

I want to Thank everyone who left a comment and suggestion on my "Stash or Destash" post. (You can read it below or here). I have updated the comments, as I normally reply by email to all comments I felt this post could add some discussion so included mine also. I am happy to say, my sewing room is back in working order. Fabric is stacked back in the closet - by project order - I have purchased a journal to organize and prioritize those projects and am contemplating a year long journey of only sewing the projects I already have - as Sherry suggested in her comment. Can I do it?
Could you do it?

I do know that I am committing to cutting up those scrappy leftovers as they occur into something that will be usable vs. letting them grow out of the scrap bag. I find it hard to throw any away... so this will be helpful.

So here is the cleaned up version:

Yes, much, much better!

And there is a peak at my Great Granny squares. I have another post for them coming up next!
Have a great day!


  1. I'll bet it makes working there so much easier too. Love the Granny Squares.

    1. Thank you, yes with the projects organized I can focus on one at a time!

  2. The room looks so much improved! I have already challenged myself with buying no additional fabric this year barring Kona White only. I think I will have a linky party and give away $100 to an online shop I frequent in celebration. I'd probably save $200 a month easy. I wouldn't limit thread or batting. What do you think? A person could link up a project made with stash fabrics only. I was thinking of doing it aug 1st. I do belong to 2 fabric of the month clubs, so I wouldn't stop those because I feel like that's someone's livelihood, but the thing that makes me cringe is missing out on Mama Said Sew. I have a charm pack, but I want some yardage of that cream quilt block print.

    1. Wow! A $100 would be amazing, I am sure you would have alot of people linking up! August 1st would be your kick off? And how long would it last? I was thinking along similar lines since I was thinking of going on a fabric diet for 12 months LOL!

  3. You are a braver woman than I am, a year of not succumbing to new projects, couldn't do it! That's not to say that I don't have lots of projects around to do:)

    Like your neat and orderly sewing space!


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