Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome 2015 and the Scrappy Log Cabin QAL!

Good Morning and Happy 2015!
Today starts the kick off for my Scrappy Log Cabin which is a QAL on IG. You can read all about in in my previous post here.

Today I am going to share my plan which is very simple. You may choose to follow along the lines of my scrappy quilt or choose to make a totally different pattern - up to you!

 I finally had the courage to dump the big plastic bin on the table, and oh my..... I must say I was stunned at how much was in there. About 3 yrs worth of scraps! To be honest I have enough scraps for more than one quilt! And at the same time it is so much fun to look at all the different pieces and reminisce about what projects they went into and the person they went too.... Ok-I digress. Just keeping it honest here.

This is my inspiration quilt from Heather over at Used with her permission. Be sure and check out her awesome projects! 

Now here is my plan for my Converging Corners quilt. This is a variation of the Scrappy Log Cabin and I will be using the tutorial from Ashley over at Film in the Fridge.  I plan on using low volume fabrics for the "white" part and using wider strips on my corners. Only one little coloring "Ooops!" there.

Ready?  Set......Go! Lets bust some scraps and make those blocks! Be sure and tag your block pictures with the hashtag #scrappylogcabinqal on IG to be entered into any prize drawings. 

Happy Stitching!

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  1. Holy scrap buster woman! You've got a lot of scraps. This will be beautiful


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