Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Finally Finished!

Finally finished! I started this quilt and made the blocks last year after finding out a coworker had been diagnosed with cancer.

I found out that these are the colors in her house. Once the blocks were made I hesitated because they are not the typical color palette that I would choose. I did not like them together and could not see the finished quilt in my mind.  It was so hard to continue on with the project!! Have you had this experience?

The project sat. I laid it out, still not convinced it was something that I would be comfortable giving her. Then one day I seen my coworker in the hallway and indeed she had on khaki and green! She continued to work during her treatments. Such a fighter!

Well I made up my mind I was going to finish it - this quilt was not going to win! I would never forgive myself if I didn't finish this quilt.  I pieced the top and felt better about it. It was looking a bit better to me!  I found a great fabric for the back and a wonderful stripe to pull the whole project together through the border. 

Then it was on to FMQ! Wow - I had never FMQ'd a piece this big! But I had made up my mind that I was going to tackle this and succeed! Well, a change in thread, bobbins and 4 broken needles later it was complete. Not perfect, there are some large and uneven stitches in my all over stippling, 1 or 2 spots where my lines overlapped, and my curves are much more rounded and prettier moving Left to Right vs. Right to Left, but you know what, those are the things I one else noticed them. Then I washed it and it crinkled up so perfectly! And most importantly she loved it!! It does match her living room and has found a place on her futon in her sun room!

Last week she was taken off work, so she can continue a more intense treatment regimen and Friday is her Birthday! She now has a new quilt to cuddle and stay warm under and I wish her a "good day" on her Birthday given the effects of chemo.  

I would love to hear about a project that you started and just couldn't pull together - did you finish it? Is it in your UFO pile? 

Happy stitching!


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  1. SO nice - and what a nice gesture to finish it for your coworker! I'm sure she was blessed by it! And in general, I am a finisher, though of course there's a few wips back in the closet. Usually, if I just can't finish something I donate it or make it into something else...and just keep forcing my way through...

  2. It is lovely Ginny, they wouldn't be my colours either but I think you have pulled them together really well. My WIP pile is full of projects that I was struggling to pull together, in the hope that time away from them will restore them to my favour :)

  3. I think it turned out great Ginny!! I'm sure she is elated to have such a nice gift. And trust me, I have plenty of projects that I started and then put away for that reason. I have finally decided that a few of those need to be donated to my local quilt guild's auction this month...hopefully someone else will like them and finish them up :)

  4. This is a beautiful story Ginny. You are a good friend. It's sometimes hard to finish a project that you don't love but it's obvious that love went into this project.

  5. The Blog name caught my eye as I live in Fish Creek in Australia
    Enjoyed my visit


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