Thursday, July 5, 2012

WIP for this week

This week I have concentrated on catching up to July with my Craftsy BOM's. It was a nice change to work with the brightly colored scrappy blocks.  Here is my progress.

May Wonky Log Cabin. All scrappy, improvisational. Just a bit of stretching on the lower left corner, not to bad considering all the different cuts and angles

This is the other May log cabin improvisation block. How do you like the hand stitching? I had that large white log and really needed to do something with it so I thought a little hand stitching with the what and when of the quilt would work, especially when I am old and gray and my memory fails me (oops! some would say that is already happening  ;0  )
I wish I could have found a matching cursive alphabet for the "BOM 2012" but overall I am happy with it!

June Block Greek Cross -- love the colors in this one!

June Block- Octagon block in Amy Butler

These blocks finish at 12 1/2 inches and I found getting the improvisational log cabins to that was a bit of a challenge --after the fact. See when you trim them to 12.5 at the end you may trim up close to to the last seam or lose so much or your last log that there is very little left (see second pic and blue framing logs - we will have to see how this goes when the quilt comes together). So just keep that in mind if you are trying this technique--it really is easy and fun, pretty much stress free.

On to July blocks which are Dresdan's!

Current Projects:
Retro Flowers
Back Packs for Haiti
Craftsy BOM
Generals Wives BOM

Doggie quilt--cut and approx 1/2 of blocks pieced

Ready to Quilt:
Jelly Roll in Central Park -- need to make back and baste
Jacks Jungle Quilt -- ready to baste
Florida Sky in Batik -- ready to baste

Batik Flowers

To Do list:
New Bag -- Just received yummy linen from Marmalade Fabric
Quilted gift for a close friend (can't reveal here - yet)
Make a couple of bags 2 drawstring and 2 make up/zipper

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  1. Your handstitching on the Log Cabin block looks great, it really adds to the block!

  2. You are keeping busy stitching your blocks. they look great.

  3. great fun blocks and love the hand stitching, Ginny!

  4. Beautiful blocks! I think your hand stitching came out great, what a nice touch!

  5. Your embroidery looks great! I wish I could conquer smaller lettering. I like that it is in your own hand "writing", not a stencil!

  6. Nice Blocks..the embroidery really makes the block!

  7. That is a mess of beautiful blocks, Ginny! Definitely worth a whoop whoop!!

  8. Love the improv log cabin!!

  9. Love all the blocks but ohhhhh the octagon block with the Amy Butler fabric, how fab :)


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