Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Stat's

Happy Sunday everyone!

I titled this Sunday Stat's because I really needed to get a grip on everything I have going on... I have several projects waiting in the wings and many more in my head but I really, really want to finish what I have before starting something else!  I keep buying fabric for those projects in my head and I really want to use it! I know I can't be the only one with this problem! Does this sound familiar to any of you?

So here is my sewing for the past few days:

These are 10in charms for the 10" Kona and Polka Dot Swap
hosted by Angie of Sew Scrappy Quilts
On the left is Kona Mango and right is Moda Dottie.
Next is my Jelly Roll in Central Park quilt, I really wanted borders so I have added 2!
Inside Border

Outside border complete and ready for backing, and quilting!
Finally here is a pic of a drawstring backpack I made.
This took 1 and 1/2 yd of fabric (makes 2 backpacks as you need the length for the drawstrings but 1/2 the width of the fabric -22in - makes the bag and pocket part) and only a bit of time maybe an hour or two (this was my first one and the first always takes the longest! The instructions were a bit confusing at times but it turned out fine!) It has two outside pockets and is made out of quilting weight cotton. This piece of fabric was donated and was 3 yards - 4 backpaks.
 These backpacks are going to Haiti for the school children. Some friends of a friend are leaving in August and will be moving to Haiti. They are teachers and they will be teaching with the Haitian teachers and being a resource to them, as most have only a 9th-12th grade education and no formal teacher training at all.  If anyone is interested in making and donating a couple, I would be happy to forward on with mine. Just drop me a line at my email above. This is a great way to bust some stash!
And finally here are my "Stat's" :

Current Projects:
Retro Flowers
Back Packs for Haiti
Craftsy BOM
Generals Wives BOM

Doggie quilt

Ready to Quilt:
Jelly Roll in Central Park
Jacks Jungle Quilt
Florida Sky in Batik

Batik Flowers

A few of these are " just" a couple of months years old! ;)  But really it was not as bad (nor as painful) as I had thought making this list would be! Which is a good thing, because I really am looking forward to starting something new!! How about you? What does your list look like?


I hope all of you are doing well and are safe! I know that on Friday we suffered a tremendous storm that left many trees and electrical lines down, resulting in 100,000 plus homes and businesses without power in 90 degree heat! My oldest son being one of those without power, and a couple of neighbors without power to their businesses, they were told it would be next Wednesday - Friday before they would have power back. So we cleaned out fridges and loaded coolers and brought it to my house, since I was lucky and still have power. I know that same storm moved east and caused the same damage. So I say Happy Sunday, because at least no one here was hurt, food, homes, and cars can be replaced!


  1. I have exactly that problem! Last night I went through and reexamined my UFO list. 48+. Luckily most of them are cut and there is even some sewing progress on a few of them so.. and I have a few more projects in my head that I refuse to cut fabric for because I then have to add them to the list.. ;)

  2. Ginny, you are so not alone!!! The project list in my head just keeps growing and I really struggle not cutting into the new fabric when I get it. I also have a jelly roll quilt that I felt needed borders...they aren't on yet, so just another WIP to add to the list ;-)

  3. Your jelly roll quilt is looking great and what a noble gesture, making those cute backpacks for the children in Haiti.

    It is hard, isn't it!? What with alot of wonderful projects to make and beautiful fabrics keep popping up every so often!

    Hope you have a great week ahead!

  4. You make me laugh! 'The projects in my head!'...I am calling this the year of living scrapfully because I keep generating scraps from scraps! And then I look at the mess and decide I need to make a REAL quilt and buy fabric for it and I'm back at my scraps trying to TAME them...

  5. You are definitely not alone Ginny. I have decided that I am patently not a Completer/Finisher and as you can't fight against your character I am not going to worry about all the projects (in my head or otherwise) that I have on the go!

    Love your Jelly Roll quilt.

    Hope your son and neighbours get their power back soon.


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