Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Oops! The Fudge Factor

Hi everyone! Hope your week is off to a good start. Warning: Post is picture heavy.

Today I am going to show you an Oops! and the Fudge Factor. Have you ever been working away on a project, getting so much accomplished and then when you next pick it up you realize - Oops! you screwed something up?? you cut it wrong, didn't cut it correctly and are now out of the fabric you need? Marked it wrong, sewed it wrong? Well I have, many times, and then I spend quality time with my seam ripper or my computer searching for that elusive fabric. For me, many times it is from not going to bed when I should and trying to get "just one more" done. This is usally the same time of night when I am typing up blog posts and hit a button where they disappear into cyberspace :)  I am getting better at stopping when I am really tired, knowing that I might just create double the work and have to redo tomorrow because I just had to do one more tonight.

Above is an example of a minor issue: my seam is off. Easy fix, rip the seam out, repin, and resew.

                   .....and wa-lah! Looking good to go, ready for the next one!

                                                 Notice anything wrong with this block?
At first it looks like it is a simple case of sewing the seam wrong. Nope, couldn't be anything that simple. Each part of the petal was sewn and then trimmed so that at the narrowest part of the white background should measure 1/2".  Now do you see the problem with the lower right hand 1/4 petal?
You guessed it!  I cut the lower right white background short at 1/4 in vs 1/2 inch.

Now in this pic you can see it doesn't make a difference on the interior petal seams. Just sew them together and trim the extra 1/4 in of print off the center seam. But you can still see the lower right
is shorter than the rest. How am I going to fix it? I am not sure but I think (hope) it will be with the
      Fudge Factor!

              No, no, no, not THAT Fudge Factor!
                         Although I know it does make it better sometimes! ;)
You know, it's what you do to make it work before you totally give up and redo the block!
Yes, I am hoping that between the give and take of the seams and trimming the blocks down to size that I can make this work vs. having to remake that 1/4 petal!

Is this earth shattering, change your life info - no. Its just sometimes it seems no one ever talks about the little things that go wrong. Or even the big things. Life is not perfect and neither is the process of creating. So I believe that showing and discussing what goes wrong is part of the process. I don't think it is whining, I hope you don't think it is whining..... It doesn't mean you are less than, or not competent! It just means that you are human, and having one of those days that all of us have! 

So on to my progress for the week end! FIVE, more Retro Flower blocks! Belowe are single pics of all the completed flowers so far.

          Love this soft coral, lacy pattern!
     This one turned out better than I thought it was going too!
 This is my Oops! block and has all the colors of the other blocks in it.  It will tie the color scheme together (that's my plan anyway:)

  Bright and bold red!

My first!
   My favorite, so far! Love all the colors!

        A bit wild, or maybe it has an asian feel?

So go ahead, work that Fudge Factor, knowing that you are competent and creative, and everyone else has the same things happen to them. And when it works-- celebrate lifes small successes, sometimes they are the sweetest of all!

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  1. Considering the problems I've been having following my current pattern, I appreciate the pep talk. We'll both get through our current challanges, right? I'm still loving your retro flowers!

  2. Ginny, you are so right, there are always going to be Oops moments and I often use the fudge factor!
    The retro flowers are so cute, can't wait to see them all together.

  3. Your retro flowers are looking great! looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.


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