Monday, February 27, 2012

A Sew Day! Jacks Jungle Quilt

I am planning a sew day for today! So excited a whole day to focus on a couple of projects! Not often does that occur. I justified the day because it is leap year and I am not really missing a day, it is an EXTRA day in the week/month and therefore should not be a work day! will be a work day, see I have decided to tackle one of those works in progress. One that has been bugging me for awhile-everytime I go in my sewing room - there it is, waiting, reminding me.  It is a quilt I was...uh, am making for my grandson.  Or at least I was until I ran into the applique.....

See those empty sky blue blocks are supposed to have cute little jungle babies in them. I have all the fabric..

Monkey's, zebra, elephant, lion, hippo, and giraffe.....

the pinwheels are all made and pieced ( I am very happy with my points and centers!) 1/2 of the pinwheels - the stripes, are actually praire points and not sewn down on two of the sides. More fun for little hands to play with and touch!  Reminds me of the pinwheels that blow in the breeze in summer.
Kind of hard to see since this top has been folded up and patiently waiting for so long.
See the bottom pinwheel, stripe farthest to the right is standing up some...

Just need those jungle babies....
I don't know why I am hesitant, it is not hand applique! (Which I have tried and althought I love the look I would never get anything completed if I used that method) Maybe because I cut two of the animals wrong and don't want to make another mistake and then have to go find more fabric. Hiss, stomp, roar as the
animals in the border say....

We are so hard on ourselves sometimes!
So I am going to be working on this tomorrow and hopefully I will get to use this:

Which is the backing for the quilt. Can't you just see a lion peeking out from behind those wonderful tall grasses?  Wish me luck! I will post the pic's once finished.
And of course to give credit where credit is due: This pattern can be found in the April/May 2010 McCalls Quick Quilts magazine and thanks to Christy from Sewing Treasures.

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