Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WIP Wednesday

It has been a busy week here, seems that has become the norm. Not always a bad thing, just saying..
Let's see what I have to show for the week

Simply Solids bee block:

This is for Lisa and is actually the March block-- yea! I am ahead of schedule ;) gotta take that where we can get it, seems many times we are chasing deadlines.
This is the Tilt a Whirl pattern and it is paper pieced. Went together easily and would be a good pattern for anyone just starting out. You can find the tutorial here. I love the colors Lisa chose!
Do.Good.Stitches. Nurture Circle
Wonky Stars in different sizes. These have a twist-- the block is trimmed at an angle so they are not straight up/down, centered. Makes them a bit more fun! You can find the tutorial from I'm Feeling Crafty here.
I have also completed my February Paper Pieced block for Feb Sugar Block Club with Amy Gibson over at Stitchery Dickery Dock. I am doing these blocks in my Flea Market Fancy stash that I had been saving for just the right project! I am also adding solids in with each block and using grey as the background or accent to tie it all together. I haven't been able to get a pic yet but will get one up soon.

 1. Finish Baby quilt-- Ready to baste and quilt

2. Con't work on Modern Medallion- Handstitched Class-- I have made progress here, the dogwood blossom is complete and the first 3 borders are on. Next up is ALOT of handwork (like 2 wks worth according to the syllabus). So I am thinking of piecing the next round of borders and blocks and coming back to the handstitching... not sure yet have to read and see if this would work.

3. Paper Piecing Stars BOM with Don't Call Me Betsy - Printed patterns and chose fabric - ready to start - I am finding the paper piecing a bit intimidating, I just need reprogram my brain and sit down and do it!! Jan and Feb blocks to do.--Ok back in the swing of Paper Piecing - hope to get these done in the next week or two

 4. Sew South - this is coming up fast March 21-24. There is some prep work for this as in   cutting fabric for a duffle bag, purchasing fabric for PJ bottoms and some sewing projects for swapping, this will move to the top of the list in March! If you are interested Jennifer had one person who could not make it and her ticket is/was for sale as of 2/25
Check out the post here: (2/25/13 post)

and last but not least a secret project for a fun event coming up next month! Can't wait until I can share that with you! Lots of fun and prizes too!

Linking up to Lee over at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday!

Happy Stitching!

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Some weeks it seems progress is hard to come by...this was one of those weeks, busy with work, friends and other committments! So here is the progress this week so far--

Work on my Modern Medallion with Rachel over at Stitched In Color. I love this Dogwood center and the handstitching. I did swap colors for my two borders. I originally planned to use a neutral, sand/stone color -possibly the second border fabric for the first but something spoke to me today about that yellow so I swapped them. Not sure I like it.... my thought was the next step where the white is- is all hand stitching with many different colors of pearle cotton and I thought the yellow would highlight that stitching. Next after the stone colored border there will be another border of multiple colored bright solid color squares. I guess I was thinking the stone color would help contrast with these squares..... don't know, have to see when I get there. I do wish the yellow was a lighter, less saturated in color...

but you know....maybe it's just because I have been up close and personal with it today....have you been there? Did you like your work better the next day? In the end did it all work out?  Hope so!
Well off to the grocery store - celebrating my oldest son's birthday tomorrow and he has requested Lasagna!  Hopefully a bit of time later (after laundry) to work on some Bee blocks! Whew, I really need to win the Lottery so I can have someone clean and do laundry LOL!
 I guess it would help if I actually played the Lottery!
Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Here it is Wednesday already! And that means it is WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced with Lee.

How has your week been? Productive? Mine has been! Let's take a look--

THE  List:

1. Finish Baby quilt-- Ready to baste and quilt. (She said she didn't need it for another couple of weeks so it got bumped a bit down the list) 

2. Do. Good.Stitches Nurture Circle January Block-due end of Jan Jan block complete and Feb ready to start

 January Block

3. Con't work on Modern Medallion- Handstitched Class-- Wow! I love this project and fabric and I want it to be perfect!  Sometimes that also makes me hesitate because I don't want to screw it up! But hey, if you don't try you never learn! Reverse Applique dogwood cut out and ready to stitch. 

4. Modern Stash Bee Blocks for January (2)- due 2/15  January blocks are complete and so are Feb! Yea!

January Blocks

and February blocks:

5.Sugar Block BOM with StitcheryDiceryDock for January- due end of Jan Jan complete! on to Feb block

6.Paper Piecing Stars BOM with Don't Call Me Betsy - Printed patterns and chose fabric - ready to start - I am finding the paper piecing a bit intimidating, I just need reprogram my  brain and sit down and do it!! (I have done it before - a looong time ago- and love the results!) Jan and Feb blocks to do.

7. Binding on Batik Flowers quilt for A Lovely Year of Finishes- due end of Jan-- started the binding but didn't get it finished in time for January prizes. Will move it to Feb for a finish.

8. The Triple Zip Along with Debbie over on Flickr- this is going to be so Fun- it runs Jan 28 - Friday 2/15 -- Fabric and lining Cut out ready to stitch up on Friday.

9. Finish my House Block for the Sew South group quilt for the Ronald McDonald House in Charlotte NC-- such a fun and worthwhile project! It is going to be sew awesome!
Wonky House Block for Sew South Quilt

10. Solids Bee- Feb block for Erin - started, was on a roll until I accidently cut a piece of material wrong, so I am waiting on the replacement strip-- how embarrassing! You know stuff just happens sometimes!

 March block fabrics and pattern received.
11. Swaps: Lizzy House Pearl Bracelets, Low Volume II, and Text Me a Text FQ -- all mailed

and the best news this week so far: I won a gift certificate from Christa Quilts! She gives a $10 gift certificate away each week to one of her newsletter subscribers! I was so surprised! I have purchased fabric from Christa along with other quilting notions. She has a variety of fabric and precuts and runs daily and weekly specials. I must admit my favorite service is that she ships for free (with in the US) with no minimum order and she ships FAST! Stop by and see her store here and sign up for her newsletter for your chance to win. 

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Log Cabins and a Free E Book!

Hi everyone! Hope your week is off to a great start! Lots going on here but more on that tomorrow :)

How about a FREE e book? I was asked to review Log Cabin Quilts by Fons and Porter awhile back and unfortunately life got in the way! I must admit I just had a chance to read through it last week. If you have been quilting for any amount of time you probably recognize the Fons and Porter brand. They are giants in the quilting world and have many books, a magazine and even a TV show along with a line of quilting notions. Check the Fons and Porter website out here. On to the review:

There are a ton of great layouts and tips in this book. There are pics to go with each detailed pattern along with some quilting suggestions The log cabin can be an easy to intermediate pattern depending upon the layout you use- Log Cabin, Courthouse Steps, or Woven are some of the choices. Woven is shown in solids in the book. 

The block has many different looks with colors (light/dark) and fabric (traditional vs modern) placement  making a huge difference in the final outcome. This book does demonstrate more traditional fabrics but after all isn't that what quilting is all about? Taking a great pattern and making your own interpretation of it? These patterns are great for scrappy quilts and solids alike. 

Here is the link to your free e-book.  Or here is the address which you can cut and paste in your browser:  
It makes a nice addition to any quilting library!

Happy Stitching!