Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hello World!

Welcome to my new adventure!

I have been lurking about in the blogosphere, reading, linking to new places, and most of all learning how many knowledgeable and talented people there are out there that I may never have the chance to meet in person but can "meet" through the world of blogging. 
So if you are here, reading this, nice to meet you!

This is a personal blog. Sometimes I may share my thoughts on my latest quilting/sewing project, a really great dish I have found, silly things, fun things, home decorating dilemma's, things that touch my life in general and hopefully a little bit of sanity on how to conquer those days when it seems to be all upstream. So if this appeals to you in the least bit, please join me.

I recently had a birthday and this is one of the gifts I received! It is in great shape, just needs cleaned up and polished. No, it does not have the Singer sewing machine, but it sure makes me wonder about what period of time it is from, who has sewn on it and what projects did they make......

Wow! The kids found it at an Estate Sale in Ohio.

And speaking of projects here is a shot of a fun one for a friend of mine. She just came home from the hospital and I thought this is quick, not too difficult and would bring a smile :)
Simple table runner with large block for center, small inside border which will surrounded by checkerboard squares made out of the fabric to the left and then finally completed by the cute border print I found on clearance Friday at a local sewing and quilt shop.

And if I am to get this finished and to her, I need to move on.

Thanks for stopping by