Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Great Granny!

Hello again!

Remember I had this pic of all the block cut and ready to piece?

Here is what I used to cut those 2 1/2 in squares so quickly.  It is the June Taylor Shape Cut, I bought it at JoAnn's at one of their 50% off coupon sales. I took a class one time where we used it to cut our blocks. It has been awhile since I have used it and I forgot how much easier it can make cutting.

It works great!  Much quicker, and results in a much more consistent size square (or rectangle, or strip) then what I can cut with my ruler and rotary cutter alone. The little white pieces on the Right side are just my marks to remember where to cut because it is very easy to put your rotary cutter blade into the wrong slot! Ooops! Not that I have ever done that  ;0

So here are my strips, joined with squares to make a block... I like this one, it reminds me of Cherry LimeAid :)

 I used one Layer cake of Summer House and one Moda white jelly roll  (looking for that layer cake is what started the whole episode of tearing everything out of the closet Yikes!  I was being good , no very good,  ok how about responsible and using from my stash and not buying anything new!!) . The QAL shows only 9 blocks which will make a wall hanging or table topper. I have enough squares to make several more blocks than that. I was thinking maybe 12 or 15 for a lap size quilt. And I think I will still have squares left over. I am just cutting the jelly for the first nine blocks and then as I need for additional blocks. And here are the completed blocks so far.....

I am really happy with the bright saturated colors! I was worried about all the florals and the effect they would have but it is working out well. Amazing how different they can look in small pieces vs. that big 10in square! It is quite fun to piece, much like a simple puzzle, and they can be quite addictive as you get such fast results! 

Hope you are having a great sewing week! What are you working on?


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Stash vs. DeStash Follow up

Good Morning or afternoon depending where in the world you are! :)

I want to Thank everyone who left a comment and suggestion on my "Stash or Destash" post. (You can read it below or here). I have updated the comments, as I normally reply by email to all comments I felt this post could add some discussion so included mine also. I am happy to say, my sewing room is back in working order. Fabric is stacked back in the closet - by project order - I have purchased a journal to organize and prioritize those projects and am contemplating a year long journey of only sewing the projects I already have - as Sherry suggested in her comment. Can I do it?
Could you do it?

I do know that I am committing to cutting up those scrappy leftovers as they occur into something that will be usable vs. letting them grow out of the scrap bag. I find it hard to throw any away... so this will be helpful.

So here is the cleaned up version:

Yes, much, much better!

And there is a peak at my Great Granny squares. I have another post for them coming up next!
Have a great day!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Stash or Destash? What do you do?

How has your week been? Here it has been a bit busy, especially at work. Some unexpected issues cropped up and it was a bit confrontational getting them resolved. I really don't like confrontation, but sometimes it is a part of life. When things get a bit crazy, I tend to get busy cleaning, or rearranging, to burn off that excess energy, anxiety, or whatever you want to call it. Unfortunately it usually leads to lack of mojo--creative block--analysis by paralysis-- not a good thing!
Want to see:

I tore apart my sewing room.....and my stash .....
I am definitely in need of shelves and bookcases, to get organized!
Which brought me to the question: Stash or Destash?
What do you do?
Do you have fabric you bought for a project that you never made?
Do you still like the fabric?
You paid $8.95/yd or got it at a great sale $$ and now fabric can be $10.95/yd.
Do you keep it for a scrap quilt or another project of do you destash and sell it?
If you sell it, where do you sell it? Etsy? Ebay?
I also have seen swaps on Flickr, not sure how successful they have been...
 I know there seems to be alot of concern that the fabric will be calicos from 1990, and yes,
I have seen that too.
 Let me know what you I am pondering this question myself....

Other projects: Working on my upcoming August tutorial for the Let's Get Acquainted Blog Hop. Let's just say I am ready to do the test block and it is has a Holiday theme ;)
Be sure and hop over to Plum and June's to see all the great blogging and tutorials going on each week this summer and fall.

Great Granny Blocks! Oh, Great Granny gave me my mojo back! This is the
QAL I talked about here.
I have been sewing away on these blocks this lovely weekend!
 (80's with a wonderful 2.5 inches of rain this week!)
Such a nice change of pace--both weather wise and sewing wise.
This project is both fast and fun and comes together easily!

I will be doing a seperate post for Great Granny blocks soon but here is a sneak peak!

 Have a great Sunday!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Eye Candy

Don't you just love it when you pull in the drive and there is a wonderful surprise waiting for you?!
(Ok that is a rhetorical question, I suppose...)

Well, when I got home yesterday here is what I saw at my front door


Hmmm.....I wonder what could be in those boxes?  Yes! I admit it, I was fabric shopping.
I picked up some wonderfully priced clearance fabric at an online shop going out of business sale. So sad to see them close but it was a wonderful bargain! And the other was a Deal of the Day from Lori over at Stitches and Giggles. Have you stopped by her shop? Great prices and a wonderful Deal of the Day for you everyday! She features Michael Miller and Moda fabrics.

Oh, you want to see what those boxes hold? Really? You like fabric too? I am so glad I am not alone in this ;)

First the clearance fabric:

These are pretty bold prints for me but I love the deep saturated color! I already have a quilt in mind for these :)
Some fun Kate Spain Good Fortune prints to mix and match with others and some pieces big enough for backing for a lap quilt

Just love this aqua and red little cherry piece, it makes me happy!

And from Stitiches and Giggles:

A new Jelly with lots of beautiful color!
 and finally
Bonnie and Camilles' new line, just love their fabric and colors!
So you can see, I am in fabric heaven!

Hope your Sunday is heavenly!

Friday, July 13, 2012

I've crossed the Border!!

Oh and it is a lovely place.....

The borders are finally on! Next up backing!

I hope you are having a great Friday! Happy sewing!


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Monday, July 9, 2012

QAL- New and Old

Hello, hope you are doing well, maybe a bit cooler than a few days ago? We were. Only 91 today, only? Saturday was 105 - oh my! Strange weather these days. So with such sun and heat - you can only be outside so much right? Well, guess what I did with the rest of my time? Well beside catch up on my blog reading... SEW! yeah! And see what I finished.....drum roll please.....

Yes, all of my Retro Flowers blocks are completed!! Now after a few minutes hours of arranging and rearranging the layout, I think I am happy with it and ready to sew the top together :) Happy, very Happy!
(well, not happy with that second block from left at top--reading VERY gold when in reality it is the same limey green that is in the second row from top, last block on right....ok its a small thing).
On to sewing them all together and adding the borders.'s a good feeling ;)

Oh and in my blogland reading I ran across this QAL--anyone interested?  I couldn't help it, I have been wanting to try the "Granny Block" out after seeing such great blocks of color and scrappiness on many blogs so I signed up! (hmmm.....this wasn't on my (formal) list of projects). This is called the "Great Granny" as there is a 4th round of squares -  in the center is baby, next round mama, next granny and finally Great Granny--cute! So if you are interested stop by Jodi at Pleasant Home for some block inspiration and  then over to Lori Holt at A Bee In My Bonnet for a look at her finished 9 block quilt. The block tutorial is on Lori's blog and will have new posts weekly. PLUS GIVEAWAYS! Jodi has a bunch of great links to a flickr group for everyone to join and post pics.

Have a great week!!

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

WIP for this week

This week I have concentrated on catching up to July with my Craftsy BOM's. It was a nice change to work with the brightly colored scrappy blocks.  Here is my progress.

May Wonky Log Cabin. All scrappy, improvisational. Just a bit of stretching on the lower left corner, not to bad considering all the different cuts and angles

This is the other May log cabin improvisation block. How do you like the hand stitching? I had that large white log and really needed to do something with it so I thought a little hand stitching with the what and when of the quilt would work, especially when I am old and gray and my memory fails me (oops! some would say that is already happening  ;0  )
I wish I could have found a matching cursive alphabet for the "BOM 2012" but overall I am happy with it!

June Block Greek Cross -- love the colors in this one!

June Block- Octagon block in Amy Butler

These blocks finish at 12 1/2 inches and I found getting the improvisational log cabins to that was a bit of a challenge --after the fact. See when you trim them to 12.5 at the end you may trim up close to to the last seam or lose so much or your last log that there is very little left (see second pic and blue framing logs - we will have to see how this goes when the quilt comes together). So just keep that in mind if you are trying this technique--it really is easy and fun, pretty much stress free.

On to July blocks which are Dresdan's!

Current Projects:
Retro Flowers
Back Packs for Haiti
Craftsy BOM
Generals Wives BOM

Doggie quilt--cut and approx 1/2 of blocks pieced

Ready to Quilt:
Jelly Roll in Central Park -- need to make back and baste
Jacks Jungle Quilt -- ready to baste
Florida Sky in Batik -- ready to baste

Batik Flowers

To Do list:
New Bag -- Just received yummy linen from Marmalade Fabric
Quilted gift for a close friend (can't reveal here - yet)
Make a couple of bags 2 drawstring and 2 make up/zipper

Linking up to WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced (extended due to Independence Day Holiday) and over at Sarah's Confessions of a Fabric Addict -Whoop! Whoop!Fridays.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Wishing all of you a wonderful, safe 4th of July!

Things are a bit quiet here today, but come Friday and Saturday the town celebration begins with a fish fry, street dance, and lighted boat floatilla parade at dark Friday. Saturday is the 5K run/walk, pet and bike parade, tug of war at the beach, chicken 
bar-b-q and pie sale, even a duck race!
But no fireworks :(   Makes me sad--they are my favorite holiday treat!!
We are in a drought situation (as many of you are) and the risk of fire is just to great at this time. Most towns are rescheduling for Sept. 

Here is my patriotic Red, White, and Blue quilty Inspiration!

slideshow image

This is from Allpeoplequilt and I think I have just added another project to my "To Do" list!

Hoping you are safe and cool!

Monday, July 2, 2012

New Month Means Fresh Sewing Day!

It's Monday....and it is a new month! July is here and that means it is a Fresh Sewing Day over at Lily's Quilts. Make your mosaic for June projects and join the Linky party at Lily's!
1. Jelly Roll Quilt, 2. P1050977, 3. 022, 4. 043 Retro flower block, 5. 042 Retro flower block, 6. 041 Retro flower block, 7. 038 Retro Flower block, 8. 039 Retro flower block, 9. 037 Retro Flower block, 10. 040 Retro flower block, 11. P1050978, 12. 002, 13. 01014. Not available15. Not available16. Not available
You will see that you actually made progress and probably even had a finish or two (or more!) and THAT is such a good feeling. Plus you will get to see what everyone else is working on and get to meet lots of new people and their blogs!  The link is open all month long, and if you don't want to link up, at least stop by, check out the mosaics and leave some commnet love.... :)

Also be sure and read her post on Siblings Together today. It is amazing what quilters around the world have done to help --- and it is a sad story what these kids go through. Be sure and have a box of tissues near!
Lily's Quilts: 100 Quilts for Kids + Siblings Together Linky + Giveaway

Have a great Monday!


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Stat's

Happy Sunday everyone!

I titled this Sunday Stat's because I really needed to get a grip on everything I have going on... I have several projects waiting in the wings and many more in my head but I really, really want to finish what I have before starting something else!  I keep buying fabric for those projects in my head and I really want to use it! I know I can't be the only one with this problem! Does this sound familiar to any of you?

So here is my sewing for the past few days:

These are 10in charms for the 10" Kona and Polka Dot Swap
hosted by Angie of Sew Scrappy Quilts
On the left is Kona Mango and right is Moda Dottie.
Next is my Jelly Roll in Central Park quilt, I really wanted borders so I have added 2!
Inside Border

Outside border complete and ready for backing, and quilting!
Finally here is a pic of a drawstring backpack I made.
This took 1 and 1/2 yd of fabric (makes 2 backpacks as you need the length for the drawstrings but 1/2 the width of the fabric -22in - makes the bag and pocket part) and only a bit of time maybe an hour or two (this was my first one and the first always takes the longest! The instructions were a bit confusing at times but it turned out fine!) It has two outside pockets and is made out of quilting weight cotton. This piece of fabric was donated and was 3 yards - 4 backpaks.
 These backpacks are going to Haiti for the school children. Some friends of a friend are leaving in August and will be moving to Haiti. They are teachers and they will be teaching with the Haitian teachers and being a resource to them, as most have only a 9th-12th grade education and no formal teacher training at all.  If anyone is interested in making and donating a couple, I would be happy to forward on with mine. Just drop me a line at my email above. This is a great way to bust some stash!
And finally here are my "Stat's" :

Current Projects:
Retro Flowers
Back Packs for Haiti
Craftsy BOM
Generals Wives BOM

Doggie quilt

Ready to Quilt:
Jelly Roll in Central Park
Jacks Jungle Quilt
Florida Sky in Batik

Batik Flowers

A few of these are " just" a couple of months years old! ;)  But really it was not as bad (nor as painful) as I had thought making this list would be! Which is a good thing, because I really am looking forward to starting something new!! How about you? What does your list look like?


I hope all of you are doing well and are safe! I know that on Friday we suffered a tremendous storm that left many trees and electrical lines down, resulting in 100,000 plus homes and businesses without power in 90 degree heat! My oldest son being one of those without power, and a couple of neighbors without power to their businesses, they were told it would be next Wednesday - Friday before they would have power back. So we cleaned out fridges and loaded coolers and brought it to my house, since I was lucky and still have power. I know that same storm moved east and caused the same damage. So I say Happy Sunday, because at least no one here was hurt, food, homes, and cars can be replaced!