Monday, December 15, 2014

Gypsy Wife

Good Morning! I have started a new project, and I am very excited about it! 

It is the Gypsy Wife Quilt from Jen Kingwell. Are you familiar with her work?  Go now. Go check out her website here.  I will wait. So many amazing patterns and quilts!
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I have waited to start this as I want to take my time and work on this at a slower pace. It will be made from my scrap basket - which is over flowing-and be very scrappy. And fits in with my vision for my work in the upcoming year, but more about that in another post. For now I have blocks 1-3 to show you! 

                                                  Block 1 - lots of fun happy colors

                                  Block 2 - Lots of favorites here, Tula Pink, Denyse Schmidt

Block 3 - isn't this heart so adorable. Made with one of my all time fave fabrics from Anna Marie Horners' LouLouThi line and Heather Bailey for the background.

Lots of bias edges in these. I am using starch first before cutting which is sooo helpful.

Loving this so far... I have no idea what it will look like in the end.... but isn't that the purpose of scrappy.....let go and create as you go.

Have a great Monday... I am off to work.


PS. So sorry for the mediocre photo qualities, this 18 hours of darkness a day is the pits, and these were uploaded from my phone.


  1. I am so with you on photos, about given up taking any and then the sun finally showed up this afternoon-yay! I am going to get back to my Green Tea Sweet Beans quilt in January. I will enjoy seeing your Gypsy progress :)

  2. I'm officially jealous. There, I admitted it. I love this quilt and want to make it ; )
    Enjoy the process


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