Saturday, March 30, 2013

Flip the Switch!

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a great Saturday! It is a gorgeous day here- the sun is out, blue sky, and the ice on the lake is melting. Yea! Spring is in the air!

 Although evidently not fast enough for some...the bass fisherman are out on the big part of the lake (where the ice is all gone) but in my little bay we still have ice as you can see in the pic above. Both yesterday and today I seen a bass fisherman in one of those fancy, fast boats trying to make his way through the ice! He made a path about 50 yds before having to back out and turn around to go back to the big lake. Just saying...his boat is not made to go through ice...this is not "Deadliest Catch" here...

The white line behind the boat is literally chopped up ICE!
Ok so on with the real reason for the post!  Flip the Switch--yes, as many of you already know, the plug has been pulled on Google Reader and it will be over and gone as of July. I am recommending you follow me on Bloglovin'. I have been on Bloglovin' almost since I started blogging, a reader wrote to me and asked me to sign up, which I promptly did. I think it is easy to use and you can actually search for blogs you would like to read!

FOLLOW ME ON BLOGLOVIN' (click here for the link to my blog or use the Bloglovin' button in the sidebar to take you there)

Also I wanted you to know that I am on Instagram! Yes, it is a bit addictive. If you are unfamiliar with Instagram it is a program where you can take a picture and instantly upload it with a comment for your friends and followers to see. Many times this sparks a back and forth of comments which makes it almost real time and very spontaneous! There is a whole lot going on! Blog posts are great but if you have ever written one they are time intensive in picking out pictures and editing them and writing up posts. Instagram is just putting it out there immediately! If you have heard of the #scrappytripalong, Instagram was where it was born.

 So flip another switch and get on board with me over on Instagram! I am fishcreekstudio there!

You can also follow me on Pinterest if you would like I am GinnyF there!
I will be adding the social media button to my blog soon--just gotta have time to find out how to do that! :)

That's it! Have a great Saturday and a Blessed Easter!
(if that is applicable for you- if not--make it a great weekend!)


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