Saturday, February 16, 2013


Some weeks it seems progress is hard to come by...this was one of those weeks, busy with work, friends and other committments! So here is the progress this week so far--

Work on my Modern Medallion with Rachel over at Stitched In Color. I love this Dogwood center and the handstitching. I did swap colors for my two borders. I originally planned to use a neutral, sand/stone color -possibly the second border fabric for the first but something spoke to me today about that yellow so I swapped them. Not sure I like it.... my thought was the next step where the white is- is all hand stitching with many different colors of pearle cotton and I thought the yellow would highlight that stitching. Next after the stone colored border there will be another border of multiple colored bright solid color squares. I guess I was thinking the stone color would help contrast with these squares..... don't know, have to see when I get there. I do wish the yellow was a lighter, less saturated in color...

but you know....maybe it's just because I have been up close and personal with it today....have you been there? Did you like your work better the next day? In the end did it all work out?  Hope so!
Well off to the grocery store - celebrating my oldest son's birthday tomorrow and he has requested Lasagna!  Hopefully a bit of time later (after laundry) to work on some Bee blocks! Whew, I really need to win the Lottery so I can have someone clean and do laundry LOL!
 I guess it would help if I actually played the Lottery!
Happy Stitching!


  1. I'll split it with you...if I ever win too! Your medallion is looking good. Enjoy the birthday : )

  2. Your curves are looking good Ginny, sometimes you just need to go with your first instinct, it is usually right!

  3. Your block looks great and my eyes tell me the yellow looks fine

    Cheers Pauline


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