Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bee Blocks!

Just a quick post on some Bee Blocks that are going out in the mail today!

These are for my friends in the 3x6 Mini Bee. Hive 13. This is a sampler hive, meaning we could pick what ever block we wanted to make. Each person designated the colors and background they preferred. This is a Flickr based group. It is called a Mini Bee because there are 6 members to a hive and a caretaker and you make a block for each (including yourself if you like) in 3 months time. There are many different types of hive: sampler, paper piecing, solids, 30's, a good variety! This quarter ends on Jan 15th, so if you are interested you might pop over and get your name in for the 1st quarter 2013!

Sorry for the poor pic, when I increased the size it distorted. Here is the "mini" version

On to the blocks:

For Angela

For Cathy

For Jessica

For Micci

For Meesh

For Tara

This is the Whirlygig block and finishes at 12in. I will be posting a tutorial on how to make this block tomorrow -- See you then!

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