Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Measure twice, cut once; sound familiar.... I am sure most of you, ok none of you have been busy cutting away on a beautiful piece of fabric and Bam!
It hits you.....you don't have enough....or you cut it wrong....and you don't have enough.... or the repeat is off....and you don't have enough to finish the fussy cutting....

I hate that feeling!  Don't you? And if you are on a timeline and running behing (Moi?never) That is the worst! I don't know about you but most of my fabric comes from online shops as there are few LQS's here that carry anything but traditional lines. The closest is about an hour away, not like you can just run down to the corner and snatch up a 1/2 yd of that Tula Pink and run home. This is where you just have to deep breathe and put the rotary cutter down.....put it down, do not shred the remaining pieces into fabric confetti like a fabric ninja......remember scraps, we love scraps, not all is wasted.

Ok a little humor for your day....did you get the Ninja with a rotary blade cutter visual? LOL

So lately I have been in alot of fabric swaps, 10in and 5in charms, 1 spot or 2 spots, 40 in a group or 32 in a group.....I might have cut a few charms lately... 56 charms, 120 charms, 240 charms, just saying....might have cut one or two wrong... and had to hurry over to the computer and order that extra bit of fabric to correct it...

Like here: I was fussy cutting these pretty little Tula Pink squirrels, even ordered 1/2 yard extra just for that purpose....well for 5 in squares the repeat doesn't allow for keeping the squirrel centered,,,,,,,,,
(squirrel tracks) at least not with my math.

One is skinny, one is fat, and one even lost his head, Oh my!

So an extra yard of Squirrels in the Mist was ordered and the remaining charms were cut and sent off to the Swap Hostess who was very gracious about my mistaken measurements and now I have some squirrels living in my scrap bag -- it could be worse.

Swaps I am currently in:

I Spy Swap hosted by Knotted Thread (closed)

Modern Designer Swap hosted by Snowgoose (closed)
BirdsandBees-wasp-450 copy

Japanese Fabric Swap hosted by Happy Than A Bird Quilting (closed)the HTABQ's Japanese Charm Swap group icon

Low Volume Swap hosted by Making Rebecca Lynne  (closed)Low Volume Swap Icon

What Was I Thinking! Swap hosted by Lilbunnymama-- This is a great way to move some of that stash you are no longer in love with or never were. 120 five inch charms from 5 different fabrics - 24 charms from each or even 120 totally different charms. In need of 1-2 Angels due to members not being able to complete their spot, at least one spot open in each group. Check out this link:

Send Me A Text Swap hosted by Buttoncounter  ---there is discussion of a 3rd group, check out all the fabulous fabrics on Flicker and this link: http://www.flickr.com/groups/big-ten-inch-swap/discuss/72157631546107473/

Almost Neutrals Swap Hosted by kejreeves. There are still openings, check it out here:
Almost Solid Neutrals Swap

So if you would like to add some great new prints to your stash or latest project, while measuring twice and hopefully cut just cutting once, check out the above links!

Have a great week! See you soon!



  1. I know that feeling well! I am impressed though at all that cutting you have been doing you must have squares dancing in front of your eyes by now!

  2. It sounds like you've been busy cutting! And I have done cut wrong and had that awful sinking feeling. I end up buying more of the same fabric so just buying a new fabric and being more careful when I cut. Not sure I've learned my lesson since it could happen again!!

  3. This has never happened to me.


    Never ever.

    Nope. Not me.


  4. .......BUT....they are really cute squirrels!!!

  5. I just had this issue over the weekend. I was cutting fabric for a bag and wasn't paying close enough attention and I cut the body of the bag before I cut the long strip for the handle. I ended up having to sew two smaller strips together to get my handle (thankfully, the seam is hidden in the pattern so no harm done).

    That will teach me to pay closer attention when reading a tutorial.

  6. lol, I totally got the ninja visual!!

  7. I'm in 3 swaps and they've had me going! It's not easy getting everything just right! The squirrels are so cute. I wouldn't even mind one with a missing part! lol


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