Thursday, September 27, 2012

Do The Hustle!

Yes, it is that time of year when the Holidays are not to far off and projects seem to be piling up!

Matter of fact it is only 96 days until Christmas!!

So I have joined Kelsey on The 100 Day Hustle!

Click here to see her post and get in on the fun!

It helps to know that others have projects that seem to pile up also and we can help motivate each other to finish!

Here is my List:

1. Finish up my Flickr fabric swaps by cutting and mailing off the fabric
        a. Send Me a Text Swap
        b. Almost Neutral Swap

2. My coin purse for the U R Priceless Blog Hop coming up in Nov

3. A lap quilt for a friend who has been diagnosed with cancer and is now facing chemo, life is short my friends you never know what the next day will bring.....

4. At least cut and hopefully piece my orange inspired Flying Free quilt, it is to be a child's quilt for donation.

5. My gift for my swap partner for the  Modern She Made Swap 2

5. A set of hot pads for my son's girlfriend who loves a scrappy look!

6. I want to cut and piece the Vintage Holiday Quilt. I have all the fabric, life has just got in the way lately!

7. And last but not least I want to get caught up on my Craftsy BOM'S! Poor things are sitting on my sewing table just screaming for attention!!

Sew--it's an ambitious list, but with your help and all  the others on the linky party we will cheer each other on! Want to join me?

On another note: Tuesday I posted about  the Pin It and Win It! contest sponsored by Fresh Squeezed Fabrics. I want to Thank all of you who joined and/or pinned for me. I was excited for you and myself, at the thought of winning beautiful bundles of fabric. I am sorry to say it did not turn out as expected. The shop owner severely underestimated the response she received to the contest and was unable to fulfill all the prizes for all the winners. I am disappointed, but more than that I apologize for the time you took and spent on the contest without winning either. There was no way for me to know that she was not prepared for the response and allowed the contest to continue far beyond her capability to fulfill the prizes. So for those of you that have asked, no, I did not win my bundle even though I did submit the required pins within the shortened amount of time. Next time when I think, WOW! Free Fabric --- I will think twice before getting caught up in the excitement. The blogging community is a wonderful community made up of giving, caring, creative individuals. I am proud to be a very small piece of that and the friendships I share here. Please know that I would never intentionally use your friendship and the blogging platform for anything other than sharing, and creative endeavors.

Happy sewing!


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