Monday, March 5, 2012

String Blocks

The patterns for the Craftsy BOM's for March focused on string blocks. Now I had always admired these but thought they looked way complicated! And then there is the issue of how do you make sure you are going to like how they turn out if you go scrappy.....and if you don't, well then you have to sit and sort and well just seems kind of time I never tried them.
I am sooo glad I finally did! I love them! So FUN!
These were made with strings from the group of fabrics I am using from stash for this project.

First was the String Block

I did this one in the warm colors of pinks, brown, yellow, lavender and fuschia. The white strip is actually the background material. I really like how it turned out. So easy!

Next was the Broken Spider Web block

For this one I chose the cool colors. Lots of blues, greens, turquoise, lavender, with just a bit of pink and fuschia to pull it all together with other blocks in the quilt. I love the look of this block!

A word of caution when working on this block; the background fabric - the white - begins as triangles. So when you are sewing on your strings you are sewing with bias edges. Be careful, when working on the bias edge it does not take much to stretch the fabric. Then you end up with a block that is all whopperjawed! (love that technical term)  I did use spray starch when pressing these before sewing together. I think it really helps prevent stretching and distortion. I do use steam to press (not iron). I consider pressing more of setting the iron down on the area to press and then picking it right back up---No pushing back and forth like you do when trying to get wrinkles out -- that I call ironing and it will stretch fabric. Trust me, I have done it.  I know this debate on dry press vs. steam press continues on in the quilting community...... I think it is one's own preference and you can have a beautiful project either way! 

A big THANK YOU and WELCOME to my new followers! It is always nice to know that someone is reading and enjoys what you do.    Happy Monday!

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